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6 Reasons Why You Need Carpet Tile

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Carpet tile is the fastest growing product category. Want to know why? Here are 6 reasons you need carpet tile in your life!

1. Ease Of Installation

  • No seaming or stretching = fewer labor related claims

    carpet tiles

    Beyond Basic Collection installation

  • Ease of occupied installation and Vertical Installation Technology (a fancy name for equipment that lifts up modular office furniture) means you don’t have to move all your stuff out which saves time and labor!
  • Philadelphia Commercial has a dry, pressure sensitive adhesive option that is applied with a handheld applicator. Hands down LokDots is the simplest and easiest way to install EcoWorx carpet tile.

2. Selective Replacement

  • Damaged tile? Pick it up and put another one down.

3. Less Waste

  • Compared to broadloom, carpet tile only has 2% – 3% waste. Broadloom typically has 8% – 13% or more.

    carpet tile

    Multiplicity Tile

4. Design Flexibility

  • Carpet tiles come in a box, but you don’t have to think inside one. Get creative with installation methods and multi-style combinations.

5. Long Term Value

  • Carpet tile is down for the long haul and typically has a 50% – 100% longer life cycle compared to a standard broadloom backing.

6. Easier Shipping & Transportation

  • Carpet tile is packaged in boxes making it easier to handle and transport than large rolls of broadloom. That means you can get to those upper floors without all the hassle.
  • Philadelphia Commercial just launched StrataWorx Tile backing, which is our lightest weight backing to date.

Want to learn more about carpet tile? Visit our website www.philadelphia-commercial.com.

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