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On Trend: Crafted

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As part of a new series called “On Trend“,  we will explore trends curated by our very own Creative Director, Debbie Houston. Debbie travels the world to attend conferences and trade shows, interviews designers across the United States, searches the internet for information, reads magazines about fashion and furnishings; all in the pursuit of color and design trends. Enjoy this series written personally by Debbie!

Don’t you love handmade, one of a kind pieces of pottery, textiles, furniture, basketry or jewelry. I know I do.  I have several pieces of pottery that reflect the skill and artistry of the modern day craftsman. In each piece I see attention to detail, carefully selected materials and years of devotion to the process of creating beautiful design. This shared appreciation for one of a kind, hand-made items is the influence behind a trend I called Crafted.

Imperfect fabric is part of the Crafted trend

Textured, imperfect fabric


Products and spaces that seem to be made by hand exemplify Crafted. Highly textured surfaces, irregular textures, distinctive materials and attention to detail characterize the trend which is also found in massed produced products that appear to be one of a kind. While color can really be anything, I think of medium value colors and saturated neutrals that are warm and inviting. They have the earthy appeal of natural dyes, exotic spices and glazed pottery. Even a worn denim would fit into the Crafted color palette.

Handmade chair for Crafted trend

Chair being made by hand

I am teaching myself how to make art dolls. I’m not sure if what I do is called art or craft, but I lose track of time when I am looking for the right materials, stitching the last detail or shaping the clay to create the face I see in my mind. I think this is what I love about the Crafted trend. Whether the item is truly made by hand or not, I can imagine another person lovingly creating something that is meant to be enjoyed for years.

There are many beautiful products on the market that appear to be made by hand. We introduced a tile collection called Threads in 2015 which was inspired by the irregular textures and threads used in a hand woven textile. While the product is not made by hand, the end result exemplifies the qualities found in a hand-crafted item. Kristie, the stylist who led the project is a painter and the color line she created really shows off her artistic approach to color. I would love to hear what you think of the Threads collection. Did we capture the spirit of Crafted?

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