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Club Level Suites of FedEx Forum with Philadelphia Commercial flooring

The FedEx Forum Gets a Flooring Refresh

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When designing and installing flooring solutions on a large scale, form and function are as important as style. This is especially true when considering the movement of large groups of people (not to mention the wear and tear of large groups of feet). In many cases, function tends to win out over style. There doesn’t have to be a choice, though – a fact perhaps best illustrated through the use of Philadelphia Commercial’s flooring in the recent upgrade to the Memphis Grizzlies’ FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee.

Graham Reese of Graham Reese Design Group, working with Artisent Floors, found that Philadelphia Commercial’s product line struck a perfect balance between functional flooring and classic style.

A Complete Flooring Refresh

At 10 to 12 years old, the FedEx Forum’s carpets were wearing thin and the hard surfaces had begun to show their age.

Feedback Carpet Tile and Connection Luxury Vinyl Tile in the hallway of the FedEx Forum

Feedback Carpet Tile and Connection Luxury Vinyl Tile in the hallway

Going into the project, there were existing finishes that designer Graham Reese had to work around. In the Club Level hallways, blonde doors were the one carry over from the original look of the arena. In the suites themselves, that same blonde theme was expanded on to include the cabinet finishes. Reese used these existing colors as a starting point for his design.

Design and Movement

The design at the Club Level exemplifies style working in tandem with function. Reese used a three-layered design with various patterns and colors that bring a sense of movement to the flooring. The result is a classic look that also brings life and depth to the hallway flooring.

At various points throughout the concourse, solid colored carpeting is used to break up the pattern and create mini-focal points that guide people to the entrances of the suites. Vinyl flooring is used in a similar fashion in the concession area and some of the seating sections. It’s a style choice that also reduces the wear and tear on the flooring in the spots where people are most likely to congregate.

Immerse Carpet Tile in the Club Level Suites on the FedEx Forum

Immerse Carpet Tile in the Club Level Suites

Watching the Game in Style

The Club Level suites retained most of the original elements – specifically the blonde wood theme of the suite doors. As a result, the design shifts from the layered pattern in the concourse to a much more sophisticated design and color palette.  The lighter color scheme and subtle pattern make the suite feel like a destination rather than the journey of the Club Level concourse.

Function Has Its Place

Function trumps form in the back-of-house designs found in the media and locker rooms, which are rarely seen by visitors but heavily traveled by the people who use the space.

Here, the flooring design moves to a dark, muted blue in the locker rooms and interview space, and a charcoal in the hallways. The pattern is subtler than in the Club Level hallways and suites. The flooring solutions used in these areas are built to stand up to heavy use while preventing the buildup of heavy soiling often associated with so much activity.

Multiplicity Tile in Locker Room of FedEx Forum

Multiplicity Tile in the locker room

Economical and Long Lasting

For Graham Reese and the FedEx Forum, Philadelphia Commercial’s line of flooring solutions represent the best of form, function, and style. The wide range of design choices allowed Reese to develop a classic style that will remain on trend for many years to come. And Philadelphia Commercial’s products are built to last, standing up to the wear and tear of a large, active arena.

If you have a space that needs both durability and design, learn more about how Philadelphia Commercial’s wide range of products can get you both. Visit our website at or email us at

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