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Resilient with attached acoustical pad is a good choice for sound control

Sound control solutions your space needs

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We’ve all been there. We’re trying to catch up on some reading or settling in after a long day when the noise starts up. Maybe it’s the downstairs neighbor’s too-loud T.V. or the trample of footsteps from above. Dealing with noisy neighbors is distracting at best and downright disruptive at worst. For property managers and builders, addressing sound control has quickly become one of the most important issues to solve. In fact, too much noise is one of the top reasons a person moves from an apartment.

Sound control illustration

Sound control is crucial in multi family housing

At the heart of the matter is the growing trend of hard surface flooring throughout units. Consumers are expecting upscale, on-trend interior finishes, and as architects, contractors, and property owners renovate or begin new construction, they need to accommodate. Hard surface floors look great; they’re on trend; and they help rent units. The problem is that hard surface flooring is also one of the main culprits in noise complaints.

The challenge then is to meet consumers’ expectations while creating a comfortable living space. The good news is there are a handful of sound control options to decrease noise throughout a building without sacrificing style.

Sound Control with Style

As rental properties begin showing their age, management companies are renovating to provide a better experience for their tenants. Renovation is also a great opportunity to address any sound control issues.

There are options available to help you get the floor you want, with the sound control you need, such as through the use of underlayment or resilient with an attached acoustical pad. Resilient with an attached acoustical pad is an all in one approach to adding an extra layer of sound deadening protection to your floor. On the other hand, an underlayment is added before the flooring is installed and acts as a layer of sound insulation that sits between the subfloor and flooring that works to dampen noise. An underlayment –  typically felt, foam, cork, or some combination of those –  is used during the renovation process and helps reduce a lot of the noises that come from above or below units.

Another solution that is too often overlooked is carpet. While the originally installed carpets may be outdated, the advances in both performance and design mean that carpeting again has its place in more upscale properties. Not only does it cost significantly less than hard surface flooring solutions, carpet provides natural sound control without the need for an underlayment or other sound control measures. It’s hard to find another flooring solution that works as well as carpet for sound control.

Get a Fresh Start

When designing new construction, architects are in a unique position to provide better sound control from the ground up – literally. By building control measures into the foundation, architects and contractors can solve a lot of the issues normally associated with noise.

A construction project also allows contractors and property managers to use the most up-to-date flooring designs and technology. Coupled with the foundational controls, the end result is a building that not only looks great, but provides a comfortable living environment as well.

Build Today for a Better Tomorrow

In addition to building in sound control measures, renovation and new construction projects also allow a great opportunity to reevaluate the environmental impact of the flooring. Using flooring solutions and installation materials that have been assessed for human health impacts and certified as Low Emitting products are two great ways to ensure a project meets the standards of a green building.

Besides being a leader in sustainable flooring solutions, Philadelphia Commercial also provides a host of consultative services that range from new construction jobs to renovation projects.

Contact a Philadelphia Commercial sales representative to get started today.

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